Herbalife: Seed to Feed Commitment

As the focus on healthy lifestyles is growing and folks of every generation are living and eating healthier, more and more supplement providers are flooding the market. Herbalife, a company that has supplied dietary supplements for 40 years, knows that not all supplements are created equally. And they know the fact that the quality of their ingredients is critical for their business success. Herbalife’s mission is to source the best ingredients from all around the world, and all of their products go through robust quality assurance before going to the market.

More than 4.8 million people throughout the world consume their products every day. An impressive 1.7 billion servings of Herbalife protein shakes were consumed in 2019. As such, Herbalife Nutrition is a household name in the health and wellness industry, a title they take very seriously.

This commitment and priority to quality begins with hiring scientists and doctors to research the ingredients right down to the DNA. Herbalife products go through numerous quality assurance, safety, science, sensory and science checks. Even the Herbalife Nutrition label is strategically designed. Herbalife has five innovation and manufacturing facilities and seven quality assurance labs throughout the world where they have invested millions of dollars for infrastructure, laboratories, and manufacturing.

Herbalife products

Their team of professionals is vetted to get the best of the best including 300 scientists, 50 of who are PhDs. They also have trusted relationships with farmers to source the highest quality ingredients for the Herbalife product line, so consumers enjoy a consistent product wherever it was manufactured. More than 500,000 tests are conducted every year to verify their ingredient purity, nutritional value, and taste, just to name a few.

Herbalife Nutrition relies on botanicals to create some of their products too, as do most other companies in the industry. Just as there are different quality levels of products and how they are manufactured, the same is true for botanicals. As mentioned above, Herbalife has trusted partnerships from suppliers and farmers removing any middlemen from the critical supply chain which ensures quality control. For example, tea is one of their ingredients and is sourced directly from farmers in rural China, known for its quality teas for thousands of years. These relationships guarantee the tea has been grown the same way for generations, extremely important to Herbalife Nutrition. The team doesn’t take this for granted in any way. Tea and all ingredients that go into their product lines must pass authenticity by the scientists and quality assurance teams, using DNA-based forensic biotechnology.

Herbalife is so committed to their ingredients and verifying ingredients throughout the health and wellness industry that they are working with The NHP Research Alliance out of the University of Guelph to produce authentic, sustainable products that one day will be the industry standard. Not all companies go through the extensive research and testing that Herbalife is committed to, so their goal is to “push the envelope” and pave the way for industry-wide standards. The NHP is an organization working with some of the best-known and respected supplement suppliers throughout the world including Herbalife Nutrition. This fits into Herbalife’s Seed to Feed commitment as well as customer transparency, hopefully ending sales fraud throughout the industry. They know it is imperative to understand that all this research and observations can help us prepare and adapt to issues that face our world including climate change, human-related environmental change, and others. It is also critical to understand the ever-changing science behind the genetic changes and evolution in botanicals and plants.

The bottom line is that Herbalife Nutrition is setting the standard for supplement suppliers globally by advocating for better transparency.